How to have fun with SoundMobb

1. Play / shuffle the playlists

You are able to play and shuffle all of the playlist.
Put on the playlist as background music for all kinds of situations, from friend gatherings, work, to studying.


2. Create your own favorite playlist

Create your own playlist by picking up your favorite songs from YouTube and SoundCloud!

Step1: Log in and add songs on "CREATE PLAYLIST" page ①Copy the URL of the song on YouTube or SoundCloud and paste it in the URL input field
②Enter (or copy and paste) the artist name
③Enter (or copy and paste) the title of the song


Step2: ①Enter title and description of the playlist
②Upload cover image
③Press "Save draft" to save draft, or "Post" button to publish your playlist


When your playlist is completed, share it to the world!
On “CREATE PLAYLIST" page (or edit page), press the "Post" button to publish, or the "Update" button to update the published Playlist.

3. Find your favorite playlist

Discover your favorite playlist through SoundMobb!
When you find a favorite playlist, press the "LIKE" button to save them on your account.


4.Find peers who have similar taste in music as you. Connect with them.

Once you find your favorite Playlist, check out other playlists of that user who created that Playlist!
If you believe the user's taste in music suits you, you can follow the user to check out their new (or updated) playlist on your timeline.